Hunter Safety On-Line Class Field Day this Sat. Mar. 19th at the CVCC

The CVCC will host its annual Field Day for students enrolled in the On-Line Hunter Safety Class. Students will spend the morning roatating between 3 sessions demonstrating their knowledge and skills learned in the DNR approved on-line class they completed. Those successfully completing these sessions will then complete the written and practical tests required for earning their hunter safety certification. The Clubhouse and grounds as well as the Shooting Ranges will be closed for the above activities. Spectators are allowed to observe all activities except the testing.
This is the 6th year that the CVCC has offered the On-line version of the class. It has been a highly successful alternative for those unable to attend a regular classroom hunter safety course.

3D Bow Shoot this weekend - Mar. 12 & 13 - Dual Shoot with Chaseburg Rod & Gun

This Sat. & Sun. the CVCC will host its second 3D Shoot of 2016 with a special course arranged for all shooters as well as special stakes for competitors at the area WAC shoot. Howellng Hollow Taxidermy has again donated a shoulder mount and gift certificates as a fund raiser for the CVCC and Chaseburg Rod and Gun clubs with chances available for $5 each. This will be a dual shoot together with Chaseburg Rod and Gun with shooters at both shoots being eligible for a cash prize drawing. Come on down and enjoy the weather and a couple of great 3D shoots.

January Winner for the Serious Sportsmen Raffle

The January drawing in the CVCC's Raffle for Serious Sportsmen was held at the monthly membership meeting on Thursday, January 28th. The lucky winner was Greg Hess. Our next drawing will take place at the February 25th at our member meeting. Good luck to all who purchased ticket

February Activities at the CVCC

- Hunter Safety Class - Email Name, Birthdate, DNR Customer ID Number to to register for Mar. 19th Field Day.

- 3D Archery - "Sweetheart Shoot" Sat. & Sun. Feb. 13 & 14. Ladies shoot for free.

- Cabin Fever Shoot - Sat. Feb. 20th. Unlimited number of targets. Includes Archery, Rim Fire, Big Bore, Pistol, Muzzleloader, and Trap.

- Membership Meeting - Thur. Feb. 25th. Food, Beverage, Business Meeting, Monthly Drawing, Serious Sportsmen Drawing and Selection of the Archery Big Deer Winner(s).

Active Week coming up at the CVCC - Membership Kick-Off Meeting Thursday; Iron Man Shoot Saturday

Thursday's membership meeting is the annual "Membership Kick-Off Meeting" with FREE food and beverages all prepared and served by the winner of the annual Gun Season Big Deer contest winner. In addition to updates on Club activities there will be drawings for monthly prize winners and for the January Serious Sportsmen prize.

Saturday will be the Second Annual "Iron Man Shoot" with registration beginning at 8 AM with competitions in 3D Archery, Rim Fire, Big Bore, Pistol, Muzzleloader, and Trap. Dig out your equipment and come on down for a good time with prizes awarded the top 2 in each event plus the top 2 over all teams.

Congratulations to the Winners of the CVCC 75th Anniversary Henry's

Congratulations to Doug Sveum, winner of the CVCC 75th Anniversary Henry .22 Golden Boy and to Tim Dalen, winner of our 75th Anniversary Henry Big boy .357.

Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets this summer and fall, and for helping us celebrate 75 years in Conservation.

December Membership Meeting - Thursday, Dec. 17th

The December members meeting will be a week early to avoid conflict with Christmas eve. Activities include the judging of the annual Big Gun Deer contest. Bring in your racks and weight slips for a chance to win the cash in the pot! Also, in addition to the monthly gun drawing and the Serious Sportsmen drawing the winner of the 75th Anniversary Henry Big Boy .357 will be drawn. Come enjoy a special meal and find out what's happening at the CVCC.

November Winner for the Serious Sportsmen Raffle

The November drawing for the 2015 Serious Sportsmen Raffle was held November 19th at the monthly CVCC Membership Meeting. The winner of the Ruger SR762 308 Win/7.62 NATO was Royce Curtis. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and good luck in December for our final 2015 drawing for a Henry Big Bow 44 mag to be drawn on December 17th at the Membership Meeting. Please be sure to get your 2016 Serious Sportsmen ticket so you have a chance for 12 more great prizes in 2016.

Deer Hunting at the CVCC

With the opening of gun deer season CVCC members need to be aware that other members may be hunting and in the woods and fields of the CVCC. Remember to be courteous to others and above all be SAFE. Keep the rules of firearm safety first and foremost in your minds - "TABK" -
1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded at all times.
2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
3. Be SURE of your target and beyond.
4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

The deer dumpster and Loins Club deer hide trailer are at the Club for your use. ONLY DEER PARTS in the dumpster - NO Garbage!

Have a Great Hunt !!!

October Winner of the Raffle for Serious Sportsmen

 The October drawing in the CVCC's Raffle for Serious Sportsmen was held at the monthly membership meeting on Thursday, October 29th. The lucky winner was Doug Braum. Our next drawing will take place at the November 19th at our member meeting. Good luck to all who purchased ticket

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