November Winner of the Monthly Raffle Drawing


The November winner of the CVA Optima 50Cal with Scope and case is Russ Cornford.


October Winner of the Monthly Meeting Drawing

 The winner of the October drawing of the Remington 870 3 ½” Magnum is Kevin Traastad.


CVCC Big Buck Contest

Coon Valley Conservation Club

Big Buck Contest

5 Dollars per person

60% to largest buck (Inside spread + points)

40% heaviest deer

Winners to be determined at the December meetng 12-28-17


Registration can be done at the Nov. meeting 

11-16-17 or contact Keith Mathison 608-452-3410


Judging will be done at the Dec meeting or contact Keith Mathison prior to the meeting.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen Winner for October

 The winner of the October Serious Sportsmen drawing was Robert Hoff.  Robert won the Remington 1100 20ga Auto.

October Winner of the Monthly Meeting Drawing

 The October monthly meeting drawing will be held at the November Monthly meeting along with the November drawing. 

"Stop the Bleed" Course - Nov. 16 @ CVCC - Additional Information

Stop the Bleed course.

Novermber Meeting Notice - Time & Date Information

The November meeting date will be the 16th of the month ,prior to deer hunting so members may enter the big buck contest. This meeting is also the wild game potluck ,so if you have some extra game to share cook it up and bring it down. meal will be at 6 pm.
We will be starting the meeting at 7 pm ,we will be putting on a safety and first aid class called "stop the Bleed " . the class will start at 8 pm for those that would like to stay ,there will be no cost to anyone and should last an hour. Each member who completes the class will receive a tournakit compliments of the CVCC education fund.
If you know of anyone who does not have internet or social media please advise them of the changes and mark them on your calendar.

September Winner of the Serious Sportsmen's Raffle

 Winner of the Leupold Optics package is Royce Curtis.

September Winner of the Monthly Meeting Drawing

 The winner of the HI Point 9mm Semi Auto was Cory Leis.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen Winner for August

The winner of the CZ550 Ultimate Hunting rifle in 300 Win Mag was Lynn Luikerson.

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