Next Vintage Military Rifle Shoot Sat. Aug. 23rd

Coon Valley Conservation Club
Vintage Military Rifle Shoot
Saturday, August 23, 2014
9:00 AM till 5:00 PM
S1005 Knudson Lane, Coon Valley, WI


1. Open to any centerfire rifle that was issued to any military organization, manufactured before 1960.
2. Rifle must have issue stock and issue iron sights.
3. Ammo should be of military power, either surplus, factory or reloads.
4. No shooting jacket or slings.
5. $10.00 registration fee for each shooter. The course may be re-shot for an additional $2.00 fee. The same shooter may shoot additional rifles for a $5.00 fee.

Course of fire

1. Total of 20 rounds will be fired. 5 rounds from each of 4 positions:
- Standing
- Kneeling or sitting
- Prone
- “Bunker supported”, which will actually be shooting off sandbags on the bench.
2. The positions can be fired in any order, but all 5 rounds must be fired sequentially.
3. All 20 rounds will be fired at one target.
4. Range will be 100 yards.


1. A full size silhouette target will be used, similar to the FBI target, with scoring rings. Targets will be supplied by the CVCC.
2. Scores will be calculated by adding all hits in the scoring rings.

Bring a military pistol to shoot too!

Contact Merv Broten with any questions.
Phone – 608-483-2610
e-mail –