Hunter Safety Education Classes at the CVCC will continue in 2016

A recent article in the Westby Times indicated that the CVCC was considering NOT having Hunter Safety Education classes in the future.
The is only applies to the regular Classroom classes we normally held at the Coon Valley Village Hall in February and March. New Wisconsin DNR rules require that regular classes be completed within a maximum of 3 weeks time and take no more than 19 classroom hours. This is far less time and hours than our traditional CVCC class requires and is not a requirement that our instructors feel we can meet to effectively teach to Safety component of Hunter Safety. According to the State DNR this change was made to satisfy "customer demands and provide better customer service" as well as enforce consistency in all classes offered throughout the State.

CVCC Hunter Safety Education classes WILL CONTINUE in 2016 utilizing the alternative "On-Line" version of the class. Students enrolled first complete one of several WI DNR approved on-line classes followed by attendance at a Field Day for verification of knowledge and skills and certification testing. CVCC has offered this class several times over the past 6 years and have found that students attending the Field Day to be well prepared for Hunter Safety certification with test scores equal to and many time surpassing scores in the regular class.

The next CVCC On-Line Hunter Safety Education class will be offered with registration beginning on Feb. 1, 2016 and final Field Day on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

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