WMLA Scantioned "Hunters Match" for ALL Muzzleloaders Sat. Aug. 18, Noon - 4:00 PM

The CVCC will be hosting a Wisconsin Muzzleloaders Association sanctioned “Hunter's Match” for the 16th annual “Smoke in the Valley” Shoot. The match is open to both WMLA members and the general public. (WMLA Memberships will be available at the shoot for $20/yr.). Entry fee for the shoot is $10. Summary of WMLA “Hunter’s Match” Rules for the shoot are – Description of Equipment Any muzzleloading rifle or smooth bore that is legal for hunting in Wisconsin may be used. Ammunition Any acceptable hunting bullet, cloth patched round ball, naked conical, or conical with sabots are allowed. The propellant is to be Black Powder or any acceptable substitute recognized by the NMLRA. Program Rules 1. Slings and shooting sticks may be used. A legal shooting stick is defined as having a single point of contact with the ground. The contact point must be blunt and no larger than 1 ¼” in diameter. The contact end of the stick must rest on the surface of the ground and may not be pushed or driven into the ground. The shooting stick may not be attached to the firearm. 2. Shooting positions will be standing, sitting, kneeling, or above positions with stick support. Shooters may shoot from a seated position using a seat that has no back or arm rests. No crosssticks, bench, or prone position allowed. 3. Hunter match must be shot with a single rifle only. Description of Targets (NMLRA Targets) Running Squirrel – Black silhouette with X and 10 thru 5 scoring. Shot at 25 yds, 5 shots. Running Fox – black silhouette with X and 10 thru 5 scoring. Shot at 25 yds, 5 shots. Standing Buffalo – black silhouette with X and 10 thru 1 scoring. Shot at 50 yds, 5 shots. Standing Bear – black silhouette with X and 10 thru 2 scoring. Shot at 50 yds, 5 shots. Targets are to be maintained in SETS, not as single targets and are given out in sets only, i.e. “Set 1”,” Set 2”, etc. Ties shall be broken in the following order or manner and the Standing Buffalo Target shall be the tie breaking target. Multiple SETS can be shot but no mixing of SETS targets to improve total score. 1. The Score that has the greatest # of X’s. 2. The target with the widest shot shall lose. The target with the 2nd widest shot shall lose, etc. 3. Using a string measurement which is the total distance from the center of the X to the center of each bullet hole. The shortest distance to be the winner. Contact: Royce Curtis at CVCCHuntSafe@gmail.com 608-452-3809 for more information