CVCC Spring Fund Raiser Work Schedule and Signup

CVCC members!


As of the fund raiser meeting on Feb 17th, we had a number of areas where no one has signed up to help work, a few areas that can always use help,  and a few that might could use backups.

  No one on signup sheet:

     Sportsmen Challenge  (5:00pm till drawing)

     Tip Boards

     Shooting Gallery

     Ladies Table (5:00pm till drawing)

     Walk Around Guns (Usually kids help with selling and collecting money, but adult must hold weapon)

     During Event cleanup - the more help the better

     Sunday Cleanup -the more help the better


 Could use more or some backup:

    After event cleanup

    Friday Setup

    Bartenders (8:00 to close)



To sign up, come to the February meeting on the 28th, contact a board member, or send an email to .