Raffle for Serious Sportsmen

Coon Valley Conservation Club's Raffle for Serious Sportsmen. One exceptional prize will be given away each month for 12 months beginning in January. Tickets are $100 with a maximum of 200 tickets sold and people who bought tickets last year will get priority. All proceeds go to the Coon Valley Conservation in support of youth education, wildlife preservation, habitat improvements, and club renovations.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen Winner for April


The drawing winner for April of the Franchi Instinct over/Under 12ga was Scott Herlitzka.


March Winner of the Serious Sportsmen's Raffle

The drawing winner for the Serious Sportsmen's Raffle in March of the Cannon 64-gun wide body safe was Bill Wolf.


Raffle for Serious Sportsmen Winner for February


The drawing winner for February of the Rock River Arms AR in 5.56x45 w/Upper in .300 Blackout was Greg Bicheic.


Serious Sportsmen Winner for December

 Serious Sportsmen prizes for December were a  Henry Big Boy Brass in .327 FM and a Ruger Single 7 in .327 FM.  The winner was Lonnie Turner. 

November winner of the Serious Sportsmens Raffle

 The prize for the November Serious Sportsmen's raffle is Chiappa Model 60DS in .357 Magnum.  The winner was Gary Gilbeck.

Note about 2019 Serious Sportsmens Raffle Tickets

 The 2019 Serious Sportsmen's Raffle tickets have a misprint in the title.  It says 2018 instead of 2019 .  You can distinguish this coming years versus last years because the 2018 ticket is pink and the 2019 one is orange.  Also, the monthly calendars shows 2019 on the 2019 ticket.

2019 Serious Sportsmen's Raffle Tickets Available

 The Raffle for Serious Sportsmen has been put together for 2019.  See the details below.  A limited amount of 2019 Serious Sportsmens tickets are still available for sale that have not yet been spoken for.  Contact Merv Broten or Bruce King for details.



October Serious Sportsmen Raffle

 The October prize for the Serious Sportsmens Raffle was a Uberti 2874 Sharps special in .45-70.  The winner was Gary Hess.

September Winner of the Serious Sportsmen's Raffle


Winner of the Remington 700 Long Range in 30-06 w/ Leopold 2.5 – 12x Scope is Scott Siefkes.


August Serious Sportsmen Raffle

Winner of the August Serious Sportmen's prize of a  Leopold Ventana 20-60x Spotting Scope and a 6-12x Rifle Scope was Paul Urbanek.


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