Monthly Meeting Raffle for May

 The prize for the May Monthly Meeting raffle was a Savage 93 bolt action in 22 Magnum.  The winner was Scott Hobson.

Military Rifle Shoot

Coon Valley Conservation Club

Military Rifle Shoot

Saturday, June 3, 2022

9:00 AM till 3:00 PM

S1005 Knudson Lane, Coon Valley, WI



Email Changes

 The email addresses for (like email@...) are being switched to a new email provider.  During this transition there is a small chance for email messages to our addresses to get lost.  This time period can be up to 48 hours as the new DNS records propagate across the internet(around the world).  Very important email messages should be held until Monday to be sure they will be delivered.

Exit Button Added to the Rear Shed Door


An exit button has been added to the rear shed door.  You can press the button then just push on the door and, without turning or unlocking the door knob, it will open.  It will automatically relock after a few seconds.  To return through the door you must either have card access for the shed door (separate rights from the range gate) or have a key.    The door knob on the door must stay locked to remain secure, so if you need to temporarily unlock it, be sure to re-lock it when you are done.



April winner of the Monthly Meeting Drawing

 The monthly meeting drawing prize was a CZ 612 Pump in 3 inch 12 Gauge.  The winner was Cory Duerst.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for April

 The April prize for the Serious Sportsmen's raffle was a $1200 gift card to La Crosse Archery.  Thie winner was Mark Endress.


The prize for May will be a Winchester 1885 single shot rifle in .222 Remington.


Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for March

 The Serious Sportsmen's prize for March was the Colt Commander Pistol in 9mm.  The winner was Dean Dahl.


The Serious Sportsman's prize for April will be a La Crosse Archery gift card for $1200.

March winner of the Monthly Raffle

 The prize for the monthly meeting drawing for March was a Savage Bolt Action in 6.5 Creedmore.  The winner was Duane Hobson.

February winner of the Monthly Raffle

 The monthly meeting raffle prize for this month was a Winchester .22 Bolt Action.  The winner was Gary Bergum.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for February

 The prize for the Serious Sportmen's drawing this month was a Ruger Super Single Six 22LR/22Mag AND a Ruger 10/22 Walnut.  The winner was Brian Berg.


The prize for next month will be a Colt Commander pistol in 9mm.

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