New Access Control Systems at the Gun Range

 The access control system at the gun range was replaced on Wednesday.  The previous system had multiple failures preventing it from being able to lock the gate properly.


The new system is able to use our existing access cards.  I exported the cards from the database of the old system and was able to import them into the new system.  A few cards didn't import correctly and I had to manually add them.


If you have problems with your card, let me know and I can check it's settings.  


The most visible thing about the new setup is the new request to exit button.  the new button says "Emergency Exit" but still performs the same function, to let you out of the range through the gate.

Also, they moved the other card reader from inside of the building to the outside of the building so it is now capable of opening the rear door of the shed.  The configuration for this setup is yet to be determined, though.  I have added a couple of cardholders just for testing.



Paul Sandvick