25 New Hunters Certified in Annual CVCC/DNR Hunter Safety Program

On March 20, 2010, the annual CVCC sponsored WI DNR Hunter Safety Education class certified 25 new hunters.  All 25 students who finished the course passed the written and practical tests with an overall class average of 96%.
The class consisted of 6 young women and 19 young men including 3 adults.  3 students recorded perfect scores on the written test (class average was 93%) and 11 students scored 100% on the practical test (class average 98%) that were given on March 18.  20 of the graduates participated in a .22 target shoot on March 20 at the CVCC shooting range.  Top students and shooters received trophies donated by CVCC Member Joe Korn (Thanks Joe!)   This years Top Students were Maggie Herold and Chevy Knight.  The Top Shooters were Kylie Holub and Travis Schmitt.  All graduates also received their WI DNR Hunter Safety patches and CVCC Hunter Safety hats.  Students and their families were served a nice lunch after the .22 shoot by CVCC members Paul Lewison, Kevin Traastad and Gary Gilbeck (Thanks Paul, Kevin & Gary!).
This was an outstanding class with excellent focus throughout as evidenced by the scores on the final tests.  This success would not have been possible without the assistance of several parents and all of the volunteer instructors.  Instructors for the course were Roger Anderson, Al Haakenson, Charlie Nelson, Corky Roethel, Steve Paulsoki, Lillian Primmer and Royce Curtis.
The 2011 course will begin the first Thursday of February.